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Australian Phonics & High Frequency Word Reading Program
With Aligned Readers, Worksheets, Videos and Games

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High Frequency Word Program & App

(up to 34 students)

Wonder Words Includes:
  • In-depth letter-name and phonics content and printables.
  • Comprehensive high frequency word content with printables.
  • Access up to 34 students on app.

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With 2500+ resources to access, your students will benefit each week from the following resources that support the Wonder Words program.


Progressive Worksheets

Printable Readers & Flipbooks

Progressive Games


Running Records


NEW App Level Released... Words 201-300

Here's what Australian teachers have been saying,
who are currently using the Wonder Words program:


"The visual representation of the words as well as the repetition found in the worksheets, assisted my students to actually remember the sight words taught. Most of my students are diagnosed with dyslexia and struggle to learn new words. This is the only program that I have found that assists my students in learning and remembering words taught."

Yvette H - Special Support, WA

"I have been using Wonder Words for one particular student in my class. He loves his work and is finally beginning to learn some words. He loves signing (reading) the books and is now developing his signing more when we read together. He has been found often in class sitting with his little pack of books from the past few weeks and is signing every word as he goes. This program has been able to support my special little man and has given him confidence in his abilities."

Michelle R - Special Education, NSW


"Children who were the most vulnerable, in regards to their reading, have had a huge amount of success. One student who was on a PM Benchmark 4 (and was on this for a year) has gone onto a Level 10 in less than 10 weeks! This program gave him such confidence! If this program works for the most vulnerable, then surely it will work for the high flyers as well!"

Suzie C - Year 1, NSW

"Wonder Words has become very popular with my beginning readers and I am seeing fabulous results every week. The children can’t wait to see each week’s work and stay fully on task throughout each activity. The explanatory videos are informative and supportive."

Jo Anne - Foundation, QLD


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You Will Get


  • Story Hollow - online interactive game platform for up to 34 students
  • Alphabet Activities:
    • An introduction to each of the letters of the alphabet,
    • Most common initial sounds
    • Alternate phoneme ad spelling choices
    • Handwriting and Letter Formation
    • 26 Printable Games
  • Levelled Reading Content Including:
    • 500+ Printable Worksheets
    • 320+ Printable Games
    • 500+ Printable Levelled Mini Book Readers & Running Records
    • 270+ Flipbooks
    • 170+ Animated Videos
    • 20 levelled assessments
    • Assessment Checklists
    • Guided Instruction Videos
    • Weekly Parent Checklists


What other teachers are saying


Wonder Words is easy to use and the students love it!

Stacey Bourke, Teacher - Year 2, NSW

It’s a great way to systematically expose kids to new words each week and have all the resources to support the learning!

Kim Kutasi, Teacher – Foundation, NSW

I came across the Wonder Words program when I was trying to find resources to help my students who were struggling to recognise the sight words. My students have enjoyed doing the worksheets and I often have students asking to do more work with the Wonder Words program.

Nicole Franklin, Teacher – Foundation, YRPS, VIC

Wonder Words is great for individual learning of sight words as well as small group work. There are plenty of resources both for classroom and home use.

Karen Serfontein, Teacher – Foundation, WA

All I can say is that I love Wonder Words!

Lynda Lamrock, Teacher, Special Education, Murwillumbah East Primary School, NSW

Easy to follow program that supplements your current sight word program; encourages independent work skills.

Kerri-Anne Spinks, Teacher – Year 1, NSW

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