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"All I can say is that I love Wonder Words."

Lynda Lamrock, Teacher, Special Ed.

Wonder Words is great for individual learning of High-Frequency Words as well as small group work. There are plenty of resources both for classroom and home use.

Karen Serfontein, Teacher – Foundation, WA

Wonder Words has been a fantastic classroom resource for my students. They have experienced success and built their confidence as a result of the program, and it has saved me a lot of time creating my own personalised resources. Very easy to differentiate and personalise to the needs of my students.

Tania Hente, Teacher - Year 1, VIC

All I can say is that I love Wonder Words!

Lynda Lamrock, Teacher, Special Education - Murwillumbah East Primary School, NSW

Students have greater confidence, skill and enjoyment of the text during reading. Do it!

Gabriela Day, Teacher – Year 1, Carranballac College - Boardwalk Campus, VIC

Wonder Words is a wonderful resource! It is easy to implement and effective from the start. Students are engaged through a range of activities and can not only learn to read the word, but are given opportunities to learn to spell the word. The introduction of words fits in beautifully with decoable readers, which means that the students can then transfer their knowledge of these words, as well as their knowledge of phonics into suddenly reading books.

I also love the worksheets as this gives the children opportunity to learn to spell the word and not just read it.

Children who were the most vulnerable, in regards to their reading, have had a huge amount of success. One student who who was on a PM Benchmark 4 (and was on this for a year) has gone onto a Level 10 in less than 10 weeks! This program gave him such confidence! If this program works for the most vulnerable, then surely it will work for the high flyers as well!

Students experience success and this success then catapaults them onto wanting to achieve more! Suddenly children who were reluctant readers are beginning to want to read all the time! It is also such an easy link between home and school. Parents have truly been grateful for this program and they also have noticed the difference in their children’s confidence.

Suzie Coster, Teacher – Year 1, NSW

Great for at risk students who need scaffolded learning in a predictable manner.

Students enjoy the variety of worksheets. They know what is expected and get started independently.

Betty Tzelepis, Teacher - Student Wellbeing F-6, Whittlesea PS, VIC

My strugglers quickly learnt their first sight words. I have already recommended Wonder Words to others.

Jenny Norton, Teacher - Foundation, Adam Road Primary School, WA

Most of my students are diagnosed with dyslexia and struggle to learn new words. This is the only program that I have found, which has assisted my students to learn and remember words taught.

Yvette Holmes, Learning Support – Literacy, WA

Easy to follow program that supplements your current High-Frequency Words program; encourages independent work skills.

Kerri-Anne Spinks, Teacher – Year 1, NSW

I think Wonder Words is an excellent program. My students are actively engaged in the program and they love learning new High-Frequency Words each week.

It is simple, easy, clear and concise in the delivery modes. Students are engaged and actively involved in literacy games, worksheets and readers. It’s a great program that I would highly recommend. It has allowed my kids to be self-directed learners. I absolutely love the program and can’t wait to use it again next year.

Kristel Smith, Teacher – Foundation, Hinton Public School, NSW

Wonder Words is a great resource that you can use for students who need more support. The Wonder Words activities are easy to use and the students love it! I am able to individualize the resources for students who need more support.

It is easy and has great short books, which have relevant pictures and decodable words. Great for those students who have processing concerns. Tasks are easy and step by step instructions

Sue Tully, Teacher – Special Education, QLD

It is wonderful having the resources all ready to go with the Wonder Words program.

Selina McKinnell, Teacher - K/1/2, NSW

It’s a great way to systematically expose kids to new words each week and have all the resources to support the learning!

Kim Kutasi, Teacher – Foundation, NSW

Trial the program. You won’t be disappointed, as you see your students’ confidence and reading ability grow! My students have increased their sight vocabulary and enjoy the program. It’s a great program that students enjoy. Go for it!

Leanne Tormey, Education Support Officer - Warringa Park, VIC

Wonder Words is a great program to supplement any existing High-Frequency Words programs. Easy to use and kids enjoy using the resources.

Karren N, Teacher – Year 1, QLD

Wonder Words has made an incredible difference to the learning outcomes in my classroom. My prep students have exceeded expected benchmarks for semester 1 in reading and writing.

Christine McDonald, Teacher – Foundation, QLD

I came across the Wonder Words program when I was trying to find resources to help my students who were struggling to recognise the High-Frequency Words. My students have enjoyed doing the worksheets and I often have students asking to do more work with the Wonder Words program.

Nicole Franklin, Teacher – Foundation, YRPS, VIC

Wonder Words is great for using in the classroom. There is a wonderful variety of activities for students to cement their learning. Students experience a high level of success when completing activities which is great for their enthusiasm for the program.

Tracey Gray, Teacher – Special Education, QLD

Wonder Words is easy to use and the students love it!

Stacey Bourke, Teacher - Year 2, NSW

The Wonder Words program is a fantastic resource for the classroom and at home. I was struggling to find resources that matched the words my students were learning to the books they were reading. New words that they had not already learnt was a major problem. I found that I could use the program to differentiate for and extend students who were doing well with their High-Frequency Words and also support those who were struggling. I made individualised spelling lists for students and use the worksheet to support student learning.

Vanessa Foreman, Teacher – Foundation, Pilton State School, QLD

Wonder Words is an effective, fun way to teach High-Frequency Words. It is comprehensive and assessment is on a three weekly basis. This provides an opportunity to concentrate on words students have not identified yet. It’s effective and user friendly. It is a systematic approach to learning sight words. My Kindergarten students love this program.

Jo Munro, Teacher – LaST, Mayfield East Public School, NSW

I have only been using wonder words a short time and can see the benefit of the design in meeting the needs of all learners within a class. Because each group of words and corresponding activities is self-contained, a teacher can have their class working on different sets of words at the same time. With the range of activities for each set of words, you can mix and match different activities to keep them interested and engaged.

Helen Ciranni, Teacher – Prep-3, QLD

Wonder Words has been such a great resource for my class. I have been able to easily adapt it to suit my class and it fits in with the other spelling resources we use. Not only does it allow for easy differentiation, but also covers many High-Frequency Words, while using fun games and books for students to use. It allows you to teach High-Frequency Words and reading all in one. Great resources, especially books that allows kids to use and understand the words in context. My students know how far they have progressed and they are only 5! They are so proud of their achievements and so am I. Thanks Wonder Words!

Brittney Smith, Teacher – Foundation, QLD

I teach a class made up of students with special needs. It is often difficult to gain and retain their interest and engagement. They consistently need over learning to ensure retention and recall. This programme is highly effective as a way to make a potentially laborious activity fun and not seem like a drill. There are many resources to use to cater to different abilities and I use them in different ways. The resources are visually appealing and capture my students’ interest. My students especially enjoy watching and joining in with the video animations for the list words and the readers. The pictures are childlike and not too busy or distracting. My students’ growth is incremental due to their learning challenges, but they have an overall better recall than before, which is showing up during writing sessions. I have noticed that they are starting to demonstrate improvements with their participation and their recall.

Susan Jackson, Teacher - Special Education, Sommerville Special School, Auckland NZ

Our Prep Team has implemented the Wonder Words program. It has been an engaging way for students to learn common High-Frequency Words. The different activities ensure different learning styles are catered for and the variety of activities and lists make differentiation easy.

Donna Martin, Teacher – Foundation, Bayside Christian College, VIC

Our Head of Special Education recommended Wonder Words. It’s good to have printable, web based resources. It’s an easy program to pick up and run with. Give it a go!

Tina, Teacher - Special Education, Victoria Park State School, QLD

Wonder Words is great value for money that is easy to use and easy to implement with any existing program. Students love the activities that are quick and fun. The worksheet activities are fun and need very little preparation, as you just need to print them. I use reusable plastic sleeves and place the worksheets in them for the students to use with whiteboard pens. They also love the interactive books with the High-Frequency Words in them. No more searching for texts that target specific High-Frequency Words.

Karren Ban, Teacher – Year 1, QLD

I’ve been using the Wonder Words program in my Prep/One classroom since the beginning of term two. I love the program. There are lots of fun activities to choose from. I’ve seen great results and I will continue to use the program. Go for it. It’s a great program and reasonably priced. There are a plethora of activities to choose from.

Thea Politanski, Teacher – Foundation, QLD

My students achieved Independent reading of early reader texts, the ability to sound out new words and achieve success in reading. It builds confidence that they can do it! They are achieving from the first week they begin Wonder Words and remain engaged throughout the program. My students loved learning with Wonder Words so much that they would begin their work before I had even asked them to!!

Wonder Words has allowed even my weakest students to find success in reading.

I had 3 boys and 1 girl in the program. The boys had fine motor issues, so tracing and colouring strengthened their hands. One boy has possible dyslexia, so flash cards with segmented sounds allowed him ease in sounding out, and boosted his sight word bank. The girl had low confidence, but her attitude to learning and the easily decodable DIY books had her advance very quickly. I found that the program made it easy for me to differentiate, keep track of levels, and students knew the routine and could become self-sufficient in starting their activities.

Students felt the success after the first week. Being able to read the mini-books meant students could read their own books immediately.

This is ready-made, engaging, assessment ready, easy to monitor and follows the progression of sounds. Guaranteed success!

Kate Jackman, Teacher - Year 1, Rockingham Lakes Primary School, WA

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Wonder Words is easy to use and the students love it!

Stacey Bourke, Grade 2 Teacher