The Wonder of Reading Made Easy

Based on the science of reading, Wonder Words is a comprehensive phonics-based program featuring fun games and activities, decodable readers, crafts, posters and an interactive app to support the journey.


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Wonder Words is a reading program that teaches phonemic awareness, orthographical mapping of high frequency words, includes levelled decodable readers and engages students in all skills necessary for effective reading.

With Wonder Words, children read their first book independently by the end of the first week!
The best part is that you don’t need to know how to teach phonics to begin using our synthetic phonics program! It’s simple to follow. Our explicit daily scripts are research-based and designed to cater to both the experienced and novice teacher.

The ‘Story Hollow’ app is jam packed with fun and engaging games, levelled decodable readers to support learning and you will be guided by a comprehensive handbook.

Wonder Words includes:

  • The ‘Story Hollow’ App to introduce the 44 phonemes and orthographical mapping of high-frequency words
  • Comprehensive weekly phonics-based activities
  • 5-minute Daily phonemic awareness scripts
  • Decodable levelled readers and online flipbooks
  • Activity modifications to support all needs
  • Student Phoneme Chart
  • Parent and Teacher Handbooks to support your journey
  • Classroom Literacy Game and Activity Rotations (for teachers)

What my membership includes



For each weekly set of Wonder Words, animated videos are available to reinforce each of the newly introduced words. We recommend incorporating the animated videos into daily classroom routines.

Decodable Readers

Several printable Decodable Mini-Book Readers are provided each week to support the week’s set of Wonder Words. These books have been designed to support home reading programs.


Weekly Wonder Words weekly sets are supported by a comprehensive selection of worksheets. These worksheets are not only engaging, but they assist students in their journey to becoming an independent reader.


Each week, a selection of printable games are presented in a specific sequence to encourage deep learning of that week’s set of Wonder Words.


Wonder Words provides full colour interactive flipbooks. This flipbooks are a fun and interactive way to read which brings each story to life and further fosters a love of reading.


All assessments are included with the Wonder Words program. Although the format remains consistent throughout the Wonder Words program, the design of the assessments is constantly refreshed to keep students excited and engaged.

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Start your Wonder Words journey today:
  • It's research-based, so you know it works!
  • The Wonder Words app provides fun and engaging games for literacy rotations
  • It's easy to implement with explicit phonics scripts and activity books
  • Levelled decodable readers help support learning
  • The comprehensive handbooks makes it easy to understand and get started
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About Us

As experienced teachers and parents, we recognised the need for a truly comprehensive system that made the process of learning to read easy and enjoyable for children, parents and teachers. Most programs provide you with a list of words to learn throughout the year and, if you’re lucky, a few activities to support learning. We wondered what would happen if we created EVERYTHING you need... a comprehensive research-based program based on the science of reading, an interactive app to introduce and consolidate the 44 phonemes of spoken English, build words and manipulate sounds, orthographically map high-frequency words, provide word lists, desk mats, levelled decodable readers, flip books, animations, activity sheets and games for every week of the Wonder Words program for teachers in the classroom and for parents at home. As parents of a child with autism, we wanted to ensure we catered to the needs of ALL students. Sure, it was going to be a huge job, but it is such an important job that transforms the process of learning to read. We wondered if we could create a system where reading was made easy and lifelong reading became enjoyable. Wonder Words is the fruit of that mission, and we are proud to deliver a powerful system that we know all children will enjoy.