Students read their first books independently during the first week of the Wonder Words program. Students remain engaged throughout the program and quickly develop confidence in reading ability.

Wonder Words is a comprehensive approach to reading sight words originally developed by Australian school teachers.

Wonder Words supports the acquisition of sight words, which is crucial for children to become successful readers and lifelong learners. The Wonder Words program develops fluency, accuracy and comprehension skills in reading and phonemic awareness that strengthens spelling skills.

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The Wonder Words Difference

Unlike other sight word programs that heavily rely on common sounds, Wonder Words enables a broader understanding of the English phonetic language. The comprehensive suite of resources allows students to better understand how to irregular spelling patterns in sight words, such as 'said', 'because', 'what', 'some', 'over', which research suggests leads to stronger independent readers in the high school years.

Students are encouraged to be active participants in their own learning and, along with learning to read sight words, develop strong spelling skills and phonemic awareness throughout the Wonder Words program.

Wonder Words provides a comprehensive approach to reading and understanding sight words.

Wonder Words Includes


Sight Word Sets

These clearly structured, short, manageable sight word lists are constantly reinforced, building upon knowledge as they progressively increase in difficulty throughout the Wonder Words program.

Running Records, Assessment Tools and Checklists

The provision of a variety of assessment options for data collection and analysis reduces preparation time and provides a simple process for identifying and highlighting areas for intervention and further reinforcement. Running records and checklists are available each week throughout the Wonder Words program.

'Story Hollow' Interactive App

A digital world of learning for children, the 'Story Hollow' app directly supports all learning taking place in the Wonder Words program each week, with games, animations, flipbook readers and a variety of comprehension activities to develop reading confidence and accuracy.

Levelled Mini-Book Readers

Provide children with their very own hard copy of the Interactive Early Readers to , collect and practice their reading skills throughout the Wonder Words progressive sequence of learning.


Weekly worksheet allocations provide a progressive introduction to the week's sight word list along with a progressive approach to consolidating learning and the application of this knowledge in reading and writing.

Printable Games

A selection of recommended activities and progressive worksheets and games are provided to assist in the recognition of each letter of the alphabet, most common sounds and the 44 phonemes within the English language.

Alphabet Introduction

That are levelled and directly related to Wonder Word Lists, containing sight words that the child has achieved, fostering a love and enjoyment of reading.

Instructional Videos and Flash Cards

Clear and detailed instructional videos ensure you are always informed of the research on which the sequence of learning has been developed. Phonemic segmentation videos demonstrate how words are broken into sounds, highlighting irregular spelling patterns.

Interactive Flip Books

Levelled early readers are matched to each week’s sight word list and reinforce previously introduced sight words. They effectively build confidence in readers and maintain a high level of reader engagement and enthusiasm.


A selection of animations is included to support the learning of each week's new set of sight words. Designed for daily reinforcement, these short animations keep students engaged as they learn the words of the week.

Desk Mats, Charts and Posters

Separated into -coded Wonder Words lists, the desk charts allow students to accurately transfer their reading skills to their writing. Posters of all Wonder Words lists are also provided for display.

Wall Display Charts

Not only do the Wall Display Charts reinforce learning, but they provide an effective quick reference tool for students when reading and applying sight word knowledge in their writing.

Wonder Words encompasses all that is required to begin the reading journey, and decoding sight words, improving reading fluency, building confidence and fostering a love of reading.