The Journey Started With Just One Word

Wonder Words is a comprehensive approach to reading sight words created by Australian teachers. Wonder Words supports the acquisition of sight words, which is crucial for children to become successful readers and lifelong learners. Learning sight words with Wonder Words builds student confidence in reading abilities.


Program With a Difference

Wonder Words is not a rote spelling program.

Unlike other sight word programs that heavily rely on common sounds, Wonder Words enables a broader understanding of the English phonetic language. The comprehensive resources within our site allows students to better understand how to recognise irregular spelling patterns in sight words, such as 'said', 'because', 'what', 'some', 'over'.

Wonder Words provides a comprehensive approach to reading sight words.

Wonder Words Includes


Word Lists

Clearly structured and manageable word lists, which progressively increase in difficulty.

Levelled Mini-Book Readers

Provide children with their very own hard copy of the Interactive Readers that they can colour and collect as they progress through the sight words program.

Desk Charts

Easily accessible, clearly sectioned into Wonder Words lists to ensure accurate transfer of reading skills to writing.

Wall Display Charts

Great for a quick reference when reading and writing.


Reinforces recognition, spelling and writing of Wonder Words.

Printable Games

Support consolidation of Wonder Words and provide additional intervention in small groups.

Interactive Flip Books

That are levelled and directly related to Wonder Word Lists, containing sight words that the child has achieved, fostering a love and enjoyment of reading.

Videos and Flash Cards

To reinforce instant recognition, demonstrate how words are broken into sounds and highlight irregular spelling patterns.

Assessment Tools and Checklists

Easily keep track of achievement, and highlight areas for intervention and further learning.

Wonder Words encompasses all that is required to begin the reading journey, recognising and decoding sight words, improving reading fluency, building confidence and fostering a love of reading.