Kate Jackman, Teacher – Year 1, Rockingham Lakes Primary School, WA

My students achieved Independent reading of early reader texts, the ability to sound out new words and achieve success in reading. It builds confidence that they can do it! They are achieving from the first week they begin Wonder Words and remain engaged throughout the program. My students loved learning with Wonder Words so much that they would begin their work before I had even asked them to!!

Wonder Words has allowed even my weakest students to find success in reading.

I had 3 boys and 1 girl in the program. The boys had fine motor issues, so tracing and colouring strengthened their hands. One boy has possible dyslexia, so flash cards with segmented sounds allowed him ease in sounding out, and boosted his sight word bank. The girl had low confidence, but her attitude to learning and the easily decodable DIY books had her advance very quickly. I found that the program made it easy for me to differentiate, keep track of levels, and students knew the routine and could become self-sufficient in starting their activities.

Students felt the success after the first week. Being able to read the mini-books meant students could read their own books immediately.

This is ready-made, engaging, assessment ready, easy to monitor and follows the progression of sounds. Guaranteed success!