Suzie Coster, Teacher – Year 1, NSW

Wonder Words is a wonderful resource! It is easy to implement and effective from the start. Students are engaged through a range of activities and can not only learn to read the word, but are given opportunities to learn to spell the word. The introduction of words fits in beautifully with decoable readers, which means that the students can then transfer their knowledge of these words, as well as their knowledge of phonics into suddenly reading books.

I also love the worksheets as this gives the children opportunity to learn to spell the word and not just read it.

Children who were the most vulnerable, in regards to their reading, have had a huge amount of success. One student who who was on a PM Benchmark 4 (and was on this for a year) has gone onto a Level 10 in less than 10 weeks! This program gave him such confidence! If this program works for the most vulnerable, then surely it will work for the high flyers as well!

Students experience success and this success then catapaults them onto wanting to achieve more! Suddenly children who were reluctant readers are beginning to want to read all the time! It is also such an easy link between home and school. Parents have truly been grateful for this program and they also have noticed the difference in their children’s confidence.