Letter 2

Once you’ve completed the worksheet above, move onto this worksheet, where students are asked to practise forming both the upper and lower case letters.

(Tip: Some people like to slide this sheet inside a plastic envelope and use a thin whiteboard marker to trace the letters, so they wipe off and use for repeated practise.)

  1. Point to the letters at the top of the page and say the sound that the letter makes.
  2. Then follow the number arrows to trace the letters with your finger.
  3. Pick up a pencil and, holding the pencil correctly, trace the letters with your pencil.
  4. Look at the letters printed on the lines. Notice where they sit on the lines. Where do they begin? What direction will you move your pencil? Where do they end? Discuss the difference between the upper and lower case letter formations.
  5. Practise tracing the letters on the lines.
  6. Think of some words that start with that same letter sound. Hint: We circled them in the previous lesson.
  7. Draw and colour one of those pictures in the empty box.
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